Is there a charge for landscape designs?

As landscape design is a dedicated and creative process, we do charge clients for the landscape design.

Will blowing materials and soil onto my landscaping hurt my plants?

No. Our installers are careful not to blow directly onto the more delicate plants. We would prefer that your annuals be planted two weeks prior to installation, but in any case, we are always accommodating.

Why is it important to hire a contractor that has been established in the industry?

Using an established reputable contractor may cost you more on the front end of your project but can be viewed as your long-term insurance. This is to safeguard yourself and your property to future callbacks and concerns.

How much notice should I give you to get on your schedule?

During our busy season of March through July, we are frequently booked two weeks in advance. At other times, one weeks notice is sufficient. We always try our best to accommodate for unexpected occasions.